Britain’s Elusive Eco-Town Dream


Where the Past Meets the Carbon-Neutral Future Once the train gets beyond the outskirts of London, the English countryside comes into view, a panorama of […]

Adaptation Emerges as Key
 Part of Any Climate Change Plan


After years of reluctance, scientists and governments are now looking to adaptation measures as critical for confronting the consequences of climate change. And increasingly, plans […]

The New Urbanists: 
Tackling Europe’s Sprawl


In the last few decades, urban sprawl, once regarded as largely a U.S. phenomenon, has spread across Europe. Now an emerging group of planners is […]

Green Roofs are Starting
To Sprout in American Cities


Long a proven technology in Europe, green roofs are becoming increasingly common in U.S. cities, with major initiatives in Chicago, Portland, and Washington, D.C. While […]

Are Cell Phones Safe?
The Verdict is Still Out


While some studies have suggested that frequent use of cell phones causes increased risk of brain and mouth cancers, others have found no such links. […]

Companies Put Restrictions 
On Research into GM Crops


A battle is quietly being waged between the industry that produces genetically modified seeds and scientists trying to investigate the environmental impacts of engineered crops. […]

A Controversial Drilling Practice
 Hits Roadblock in New York


Hydro fracturing is a profitable method of natural gas extraction that uses large quantities of water and chemicals to free gas from underground rock formations. […]

New York City Girds Itself 
for Heat and Rising Seas


By the end of the century, New York’s climate could resemble that of present-day Raleigh, North Carolina and its harbor could easily rise by two […]

California Science Center’s New Air and Space Center


Bruce will be working again with Evidence Design in developing the editorial content for the California Science Center’s new Air and Space Center which will […]

Finding New Species:
 The Golden Age of Discovery


Aided by new access to remote regions, researchers have been discovering new species at a record pace — 16,969 in 2006 alone. The challenge now […]

Pumphead: Does the heart-lung machine have a dark side?


One man’s experience with cognitive impairment after open-heart surgery Continue reading…

A Mussel-bound Robot


At a time when robots build cars, perambulate mars, vacuum homes, and serve drinks, one that lies motionless on a shoreline and takes its own […]