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Canada Day in Ottawa-Gatineau

MY FIRST CANADA DAY! Bonjour! Bonne fête du Canada! Please pardon my French, for I’m from New York City, where we pretend to all speak the same language. Forgive me, too, for passing up, at eight in the morning, a street vendor’s proffer of a […]


Lisbon Lights Up

Europe’s cradle of discoverers, where the days last all night long, emerges as a city to be discovered. Bruce Stutz finds global style energizing an imperishable Iberian capital. Continue reading…


Endless Summer

There are more ways to have fun in the Keys than there are Keys. Biking, diving, and kayaking, Bruce Stutz joins the playful land and sea creatures of Florida’s far shores. Continue reading…


The Great Escape

It’s not over yet, but at least for now Alaska’s vast Arctic wilderness will remain home to native species, not oil wells. In the constant sunlight of its summer, Bruce Stutz explores the wildlife refuge that dwarfs them all. Continue Reading…


Bangkok Body and Soul

Anything is possible when spirituality and materialism unite, rather than divide, a world. Bruce Stutz contemplates temples of prayer and of kickboxing, and Mark Connolly finds beauty coexisting with chaos. Continue Reading…


Secrets of the Aegean

Rare vestiges of the natural Mediterranean exist in the remotest Sporades Islands. In search of the last pods of local monk seals, Bruce Stutz is reminded that untouched nature can thrive only where people hold to the old ways. Continue reading…