Science Storms


Working with Evidence Design (Evidence Bruce developed the editorial content for Science Storms (, a groundbreaking permanent exhibition at the Chicago Museum of Science […]

Mysteries of the Deep


As scientists work to unlock the secrets of how climate change is affecting the oceans, they may have found an improbable new power tool: bacteria […]

In Search of a Wild America


If true wilderness still exists, should it really be so hard for most of us to find it? Scott Weidensaul and I have never crossed […]

Europe’s Black Triangle Turns Green


For two days it has been cold and pouring continually, but each morning the caravan of scientists rolls out from the inn on the square […]

Oregon’s Secret Harvest


Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, matsutake and other rare mushrooms are prized delicacies — not to mention big business. I arrive too […]

Thinking Like a Salamander


Q: What’s black and blue, shares your backyard, and wishes you weren’t there? ANSWER: The blue-spotted salamander, whose modest living quarters are easily overlooked in […]

The Great Escape


It’s not over yet, but at least for now Alaska’s vast Arctic wilderness will remain home to native species, not oil wells. In the constant […]

Awakening Wonder


In the watery reaches of the Klamath Basin, a father and son explore the splendors of nature—and discover that finding the “right” answer can be […]

Bangkok Body and Soul


Anything is possible when spirituality and materialism unite, rather than divide, a world. Bruce Stutz contemplates temples of prayer and of kickboxing, and Mark Connolly […]

Secrets of the Aegean


Rare vestiges of the natural Mediterranean exist in the remotest Sporades Islands. In search of the last pods of local monk seals, Bruce Stutz is […]

Africa on the Auction Block


Millions of acres of fertile farmland in the developing world are being sold or leased to outside powers, raising the spectre of a new era […]